DIY Mirror Garland Wall Decor!


The lighting is a little off, but the rod is a metallic nickel color.
Glue gun – Joann’s
Glue sticks – Joann’s
Mirrors – Joann’s (I used 7 packs)
Screw Driver – (not pictured)
Bead cord/String – I bought mine at a garage sale, but you can probably find some at your local craft store.
Nails – OPTIONAL. Preferably, buy a rod (shown in next picture). Nails are an alternative for the rod.

Using your hot glue gun, make an S shape on the bottom side of a mirror. Make sure you lay out the glue thickly, so that it sticks up a bit.
Quickly, lay your string on top of the glued mirror. Try to have the string right in the middle.
Before the glue has a chance to dry, place a second mirror onto the first one with the back side against the glue. Press down HARD to make sure everything gets stuck together.
Continue gluing the mirrors on until you have what you feel will be sufficient. I spaced each of my mirrors about 3/4 inches from each other.
Using a pencil, mark on your wall where you want your rod to go. I’ve highlighted the ends of the rod in blue, and the spot where the top screw will go in red.
Using the pencil dots as guidelines (in my picture, the red dot), screw in the top and bottom screws.
As you can see, I still have the blue dot to indicate the end of the rod.
Place your rod on the hooks. Then drape your mirror garlands over the rod. I cut each of my garlands to having about 10 mirrors. Then, I arranged them on the rod in a way so that the front half and the back half of the garland would have alternating mirrors. This makes the space look fuller. IF YOU USED NAILS, then you would hammer in an evenly spaced row of nails across the line where the rod would be. Leaving about half an inch of each nail sticking out of the wall, you would drape the mirror garlands around each nail. Personally, I think the rod looks cleaner.
I love how this DIY turned out! Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

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